How to connect PS3 Mad Catz Black Ops Precision Aim controller to PC

I downloaded epsxe emulator and have been playing some old standby games that I own like ff7 but find the keyboard lacking for minigames, etc.

So I went out and the guy at the store told me this would work, just needed to dl a driver. 3 hours later I'm relatively sad and frustrated.

Anyone able to walk me through this? Sorry to be a noob or whatever you'd like to call me, but I could really use the help.
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  1. Use motionjoy, which is free and awesome.
  2. I tried to use motionjoy but i couldn't get it to recognize the controller when i plugged it in. I couldn't get the computer to recognize it for that matter.
  3. just download MotioninJoy, Plug in the conrtoller via USB cable. In MotioninJoy go to teh driver profiler page, check the box, select Load Drivers and Load drivers only, do not click anything else, go back to the Main page on MotioninJoy, select the xbox360 emulator, at the bottom select Enable and then Vibration testing.
  4. Odd. Try rebooting and a few different combos. If it doesn't work, get a wired 360 controller after returning it.
  5. Immaculate - it doesn't appear in motionjoy to check

    Thanatos - i don't actually own a ps3. When I plug in the wireless dongle thingy it lights up and the control shows controller 1 connected, but it obviously doesn't work on pc. When I plug it in via usb the 1,2,3,4 just flash red and I don't get a connection. I don't know if it makes a difference thats its a usb 3.0 port. Maybe I should try a different port?
  6. shouldn't matter which USB port, I have my DS3 plugged into a USB 3.0 port on the front of the case. 'Reboot may be needed.
    When you click on Driver Manager you must click "Yes" to the question. If you can't get it to funstion I would just get the X360 version controller, since it doesn't require MotioninJoy. I do like my DS3 much better than the 360 controller though, I'm not sure if the Logitech controllers are Plug-n-Play or not. Some of the Logitechs are shaped like a PS3 controller but have the 360 layout.
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