Asus Xonar DGX SPIDIF out to Gaming Headset

I just bought a Xonar DGX off of amazon, it came, i hooked it up, installed the latest drivers, and no matter how much I play with the settings, I cannot get any audio out to my gaming heaset (Tritton AX720). Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?
P.S. When I have my normal headphones hooked up they work awesome
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    S/PDIF is garbage. If your headset has 3.5 mm jacks use those instead.

    If you're stuck with using S/PDIF then you must install Dolby Digital Live. Why? S/PDIF doesn't support more than two channels of uncompressed audio. All it supports are mono, stereo, AC3 (Dolby Digital), and DTS. Dolby Digital Live supports only 5.1 surround at 48Khz/16bps so you will not get 7.1 audio from your PC unless you use 3.5mm headphone jacks, it simply wont happen.

    The Xonar DX supports Dolby Digital Live, but I'm not sure if the Xonar DGX does (I'm almost positive that it does not by virtue of the chipset that it uses). Enabling DDL on Creative Labs sound cards requires installing a driver addon, I'm not sure what's involved with enabling it on Asus sound cards.

    Good luck.
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