Battlefield 3 - Low CPU and Low GPU Usage

I would greatly appreciate some guidance. I have not been able to find a posting regarding this that doesn't end with "Oh I had V-Sync on" or some accessible setting.

I average around 60 FPS depending on the area I'm in. Sometimes dropping to the 40s, sometimes up around 100.

Here is the thing... GPU usage is low (around 40 - 50% on each card) and CPU cores are never more than 70% a piece (usually one in the 70s and the others 60s).

Why isn't my system throwing more at the game is I have that much unused hardware?

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: i7 920 2.67 oc'd to 3.9
RAM: 12GB of DDR3
Video: GTX 760s - SLI
HDD: SSD Drive with over 33GB of free space

Temps - Never more than 60/70ish for GPUs and CPUs.

V-sync is Off
1920 x 1080
Ultra to all, but if I turn everything off and all to Low, I only get about a 10 - 15 fps bump. It really isn't much at all - which isn't shocking if my system isn't being taxed, because that seems to imply something else is going on.

I used Fraps to get my FPS.

Thank you in advance for anyone who can lend some guidance , because this is bugging the heck out of me.
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    The CPU usage seems about right. Although I would have expected something around 85%.

    As for the GPU: That really seems a bit weird.
    Can you confirm the FPS using the ingame console?
    Also, what are you GPU temperatures?
  2. Hey. thanks so much for your response.

    I went ahead and played an hour straight of BF3 to get a good spread of levels etc. All of what I wrote in the first person remains accurate including the FPS.

    As for GPU temps, I never went beyond 65 degrees. Usually around 60 depending.
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