Slow USB 3.0 Transfer rate

Hello guys,

I bought a new Desktop PC 4 months back with following config:

Intel Core i5 3470 / Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H / Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz / Sapphire HD7750 / WD Blue 1 TB WD10EZEX / Corsair CX430v2 / LG ODD / Antec One S3 with USB 3 / Dell IN2030.

Initially I copied all the data from my old PC using my friend's WD My Passport 1TB external drive and the transfer rate was 75 MB/s consistently while copying video files of mkv/mp4/avi format.

Cleaned my system and reassembled it last week and bought a new WD My Passport 1TB external and tried to copy from my internal HDD to it, but the copy speed maxed at 27 MB/s(both in front and rear USB 3 port).Even tried with a Seagate 1 TB Backup plus and the result is same.

Checked with my friend's Samsung NP350V5C-S0BIN Laptop (3rd Gen Ci5/ 4GB/ 1TB/ Win8/ 2GB Graph) laptop and it gave 55-60 MBps consistently.

I'm dissappointed with this usb 3.0 speed.I am getting 10MB/s speed in usb 2.0 and I want to know what factors affect the usb 3.0 data transfer speed?

I am running Windows 8 Pro OS and I was trying to transfer the video file from D drive which is about 99% filled (724/731 GB is filled) to my external hd. Drive C where OS is installed is 61% filled,Other 2 drives are around 80% filled.Is this low disk space in my internal HDD causing this slow transfer rate??

Can somebody plz guide me on this issue.

Thank you
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    It could be highly fragmented on your 'almost full' source drive. The read head is having to jump all over the place to get the data. If you wrote to the new Passport and then copied from the passport to an internal drive that was nearly empty it would be significantly faster, likely closer to the 75MBs you got the first time. I have always used O&O's 'complete' defragmention method and it keeps all the files, not only defragmented, but as close to being in order as is possible. I use mostly SSD's now, but I still try to keep my HD's properly defragged to keep them as fast as possible.
  2. Thank you avjguy2362 for your quick reply

    I will defragment my source drive and then try to copy it to external drive and will report the transfer rate.Hope this will improve the transfer rate.
  3. Defragmented all drives using Diskeeper 12 Pro and did following tests

    1.Tried to copy a video file of 4.7 GB into ext hdd but the transfer speed this time has dropped to 24 MB/s.

    2.Installed Ubuntu 13.04 on a 40 gb partition and booted it but couldn't access any other drives apart from the drive where its installed.Came to know that its because of windows 8 fastBootup option.So booted windows 8 then restarted system and chose ubuntu in boot menu, this time I could access all the drives except the one in which windows 8 was instaled

    Tried to transfer video files of various size(total of 42 Gb with 165 items) and transfer speed is 60-52 MB/s with a consistent speed of 52 Mb/s.
    mp3 files of total 4.7 GB gave a transfer speed of 52 MB/s consistently.
    Pictures of .jpeg format (2.9 Gb 3821 items) was transferred with a consistent speed of 37 MB/s.

    3.Shutdown system.

    4.Power up the system and booted Windows 8.Transfer speed is still 24 MB/s.I thought its Windows 8 problem.

    5.Restart the system in windows 8 and again chose windows 8 from boot menu.To my surprize Transfer speeds are
    52 MB/s for video and mp3 files and 37 MB/s for .jpeg files.

    6.Repeated step 5 many times and got the same result.

    Whenever I boot into Windows 8 after a proper shutdown in previous session the transfer speed is 24 MB/s and if I restart the system and boot into Windows 8 transfer speed improves to 60-52 MB/s.

    I dont know whether this is a Windows 8 issue.Can anybody please help in this regard?

    Thank You
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