Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 Weirdly Dropping FPS (New Graphics Card)

I recently installed and XFX Radeon 7790 for my PC. I didn't use the driver provided as for some reason it doesn't load in my disc drive, so I downloaded the driver of AMD's website. Unfortunately in Mass Effect 1,2 and 3 the game (after about 30 mins of gameplay) will freeze, show a black screen, flicker back but run at 10-15 FPS instead of the smooth 60 it was before the mini crash. Now it never happened on my old card and I suspect it might be the driver. It would be helpful if someone could confirm my suspicions if it is the problem and, if possible, let me know why the XFX driver disc doesn't load.
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  1. Download driver fusion and latest amd driver from website, the ones with it on disk will be rather dated.

    Uninstall current driver and do not restart, also uninstall nvidia driver if you had a nvidia card and do not restart.
    run driver fusion and clean amd drivers then clean nvidia drivers if you had one and restart.
    install latest driver as custom and only install the display and HDMI audio drive, untick everything else even catalyst control center.

    See if this helps.
  2. Well I just tried the disc 5 times and it actually loaded it (think I just need a new cd drive). Anyways Im going to try that first :)
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