Gigabyte GTX660 vs MSI GTX660 Ti help would be appreciated alot.


I am in a bit of a situation here and help would be much appreciated.

I will be buying a new pc in a few days. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere in South Africa. With only 2 major pc shops, one being a walk in store and the other an online store.

Now, the online store stocks the MSI 660 Ti for $80 US dollars more than the Gigabyte GTX660. BUT, the online store only offers a 1 year warranty on the MSI 660Ti aswell as the Gigabyte 660. The walk in pc store stocks ONLY the Gigabyte GTX660 and not the MSI Ti at all, neither a Gigabyte Ti version, and they offer a 3 year warranty support.

Ok so I really want the MSI 660 Ti, but it only has one year warranty and keep in mind, this is Africa, the MSI support is basically non existent, so if the MSI ti decided to fail on me after one year, I will basically have to ship it to the USA at my own cost. In the other hand I have the Gigabyte GTX660 offer for $80 US dollars less than the MSI Ti version AND with a 3 year warranty.

So basically what I'm is, is the MSI 660 Ti really worth that much more than the normal Gigabyte 660 ? (in my crap country)

Can you guys please help me decide.

I will primarily be playing BF3, BF4, Arma 3 and maybe GTA 5 later, if it comes to pc.

Also, I am not an overclocker at all and I do not wish to overclock any of my components. (To some of you who will probably say I should OC the Gigabyte 660)

Thank you in advance.
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  1. i would say if you are going to want to play bf4 and future games like that, out of those 2 cards i would get the gtx 660ti. not that it is exactly "worth it" but you will need some extra power most likely for future games so i think it is best if you get the 660ti. dont worry too much about the warranty if you are not going to overclock. :)
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    I do not believe the GTX660 Ti would be worth the extra money.

    As for the GTX660, it will run any game on the market fine, just expect to have to tweak your gfx settings below ultra.

    I would suggest the 660 over the Ti even if they had the same warranty simply because the performance gain isn't substantial.

    If you are not planning on upgrading for a while, I may have to recommend the Ti as the performance gain admittedly will help.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

    Heres some 660 vs Ti benchmarks for various games such as BF3, Skyrim, and Crysis 2.

    Upon looking at the benchmarks again, I would actually give the Ti my full recommendation.

  4. Ok thanks guys, keep the opinions coming please.

    So you both say that I shouldn't worry about the warranty, so what you're suggesting is that the chances of the gpu failing is slim?

    Also you are right, will not be buying another pc in a few years and I want my pc to be as "future proof" as possible.

    I'm just so scared, that's a whole lot of money for that MSI Ti, it's $380 US dollars here :(
  5. Well if you cant afford it then just get what you can afford. but i do advise to get the 660ti. if you cant, just stick with the 660. Good luck! :)
  6. Also, i understand your pain with the prices. I live in Australia and.......dem prices...
  7. Any other opinions ?
  8. Nope, my final recommendation as i said in my first comment, i think you should go with the gtx 660ti. but choose whatever you think also. good luck! :)
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