GTX 770 is 2GB VRAM enough?

I just use one 1080p monitor, will GTX 770 with 2GB VRAM be enough for a few years of use?

I live in the UK and the UK Amazon only has the 2GB versions at the moment and the ASUS one is £340 or EVGA £375. I have no idea when the 4GB will be available. I know 2GB is enough for right now, but what about future games what with the PS4/ Xbox One generation coming up.

I'm stepping up from a GTX 570 1.28 GB, had this since March last year, and remember that just after I bought it the newer cards went up to 2GB VRAM. So 'm concerned the 2GB 770 will only last me until the 8XX series unless I wait for the 4GB.

Every time I look for a 2GB vs 4GB answer I find conflicting opinions. Some say they use over 2GB now and you really should get more, others say the 770 can't make real use of the 4GB.

What do you think I should do? (And do you know when an ASUS 4GB 770 is due to be released?)
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    2gb is more than enough now with exception to a couple of games that uses like 2.2gb at maximum settings. A lot of people would say future games would start requiring more than 2gb vram... I guess only time would tell. As of now, 2gb is more than enough for 99% of the games at 1080p. Also I can't imagine a gtx770 utilising all 4gb of its vram in any game
  2. Graphic intensive games as of the moment will make use of up 1.5gb VRAM, more or less, when every setting is MAXed out including highest resolution in dual or triple monitor setup.

    4gb RAM might indeed require 384-bit Memory Interface Width and higher Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec). But that's just my opinion.
  3. 2 GB is more than sufficient for gaming upto 1920x1200 resolutions.
  4. got asus gtx770 vram is 1.6gb in bf3
  5. tushardehra said:
    got asus gtx770 vram is 1.6gb in bf3

    What are your graphic settings and monitor setup for bf3?
  6. The Asus DirectCU II and MSI TwinFrozr are both quieter than the Gigabyte WindForce though. Not by much, but they are.
  7. 1080p ultra settings
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