Which is a long term solution - GTX 760 or GTX 770 ?

I am using a 1600x900 monitor. Everybody is saying that a 760is good enough to max out every game at this resolution. But , with more demanding games to come , will the 770 be a better buy ?

Will the 770 max out games at acceptable frame rates for a longer time compared to the 760 (@1600x900) ?

760 costs INR 25k and 770 is INR 31k . Is it advisable to invest on a 770 now ?
(I want to run a single GPU setup for the next 3-4 years)

Please help me out ..... :??:
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  1. even if your resolution is lower than 1080p it is still high def and if you need anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering maxed out gtx760 will not be as fast as 770, as it is not overkill either. 770 is the way to go especially if you are thinking to use it 3-4 more years.
  2. First off, consider what else you might do with your computer in the next few years. Are you going to add another monitor? If so, you might consider a GTX 770. Are you willing to play games at lower than max settings if you have to? If so, the GTX 760 is probably the better choice.

    Personally, I would go with the GTX 770, as I did in my machine. Where I live, PC parts have no resale value, so if I bought a GTX 760 and needed more power later, I could probably get $50 for it to put towards a new card.

    I will say that if you do go with the GTX 760, SLI is always an option down the road. I had SLIed 560Ti's and they worked pretty well and I plan to SLI my GTX 770 down the road.
  3. The technology is the same so on that front they'll last as long as each other in that regard however the better capability of the 770 does mean that if your goal is max settings over that 3-4 year period then you essentially get what you pay for.

    Right now 760 can max anything at ur resolution and also a good card for 1080p. 770 is overall 18% faster than 760 so it will obviously last a little longer but if u have a very tight budget than a 760 is not a bad choice.
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    It all comes down to the size of your wallet, really. If the price of the 770 doesn't hurt you, go for it. Both cards give you the option to go SLI later if your budget allows it, but it's better to go with a single card as long as you can (since a second card in SLI doesn't even come close to doubling your performance).

    If the 770 is too expensive for you, the 760 is an excellent choice. In terms of getting the most performance for your dollar (or INR), it's actually the better choice. And going SLI later, if you need to, will be cheaper as well.

    Of course if your current PSU doesn't have enough power to run an SLI setup, it makes the single 770 that much more attractive. I don't plan to SLI for exactly that reason, so I invested the extra cash for the 770 instead. It'll last longer than a single 760.
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