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MSI Radeon 7770 Fan is really loud on start up?

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July 30, 2013 5:30:21 AM

I think it is the video card, atleast. I was playing The Sims 3, and I exited the program. The fan got really, really loud. My specs:

Phenom ii X4 965 BE
m5a78l-m lx Plus Asus Mobo - case and 400w psu
4 gb ram
Anyway, I turned it off when I heard it, it scared me. So 2 hours later, I turned it back on, and it had the same loud sound. So I turned it off again, without waiting to get to desktop, or even past BIOS. Should I turn it on and wait till it gets to desktop?

Can it break? Please help.

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July 30, 2013 5:37:01 AM

1. did you overclock the gpu?
2. is it factory overclocked gpu?
3. do you run any gpu software tweaking software? or do you have any custom gpu fan profile anyhow?
4. do you have enough cooling in the case?
5. did you actually check the temperature for the system and gpu?
6. any cabling may be slightly blocking/touching gpu fans?

there are reasons why a fan can go full speed. it is sometimes normal sometimes not. more details are needed.
July 30, 2013 5:41:57 AM

Some videocards come with a 'self-cleaning' function which helps to blow out dust. During the first few seconds (or sometimes as much as a minute), the fan blows at full power which can make a lot of noise.

Are you 100% sure it is the videocard? I would strongly advice you to check the temperatures in the BIOS. Also, after booting, check the temp of your GPU. You can set the BIOS to optimal cooling which is a balance between noise and performance. It might be set to performance which drives all fans at maximum speed. As long as you've assembled all the fans properly (didn't forget to removed the protective layer/foil under the CPU) I wouldn't worry to much about overheating. Usually, the system will power off if the temps get to high.
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July 30, 2013 5:46:50 AM

1. No the GPU is not overclocked
2. No
3. Nope,I only got the PC fully working (with drivers) last night.
4. Yes, the computer has never been hot.
5. No, through BIOS? No.
6. None at all.
Where in BIOS would I check that? I dont know for sure if its the video card, and its okay to turn on?
July 30, 2013 7:04:35 AM

Each time that I hear it, I doubt that its my video card. In BIOS its fine, loud, but not bad. Once I get to where Windows is loading, it gets VERY loud. Rattling, sounding very very unsteady. What do you guys think? And in BIOS, where do I check temps?

Best solution

a b U Graphics card
July 30, 2013 7:11:03 AM

you need a software to keep track of gpu temps.
*msi afterburner
*evga precision
*real temp
*hardware monitor

first update the gpu drivers with the latest (you can even try beta versions)
load default factory values for all settings
and keep track of the temps again.
I advise MSI afterburner as it can start when you boot windows and check the temps as graph as well as fan speed as soon as windows loads.
July 30, 2013 8:11:12 AM

A fan should never product a 'rattling' sound. That probably indicates issues with the bearing of of the fan and in that case I would bring back the card to the reseller and swap it for another one. Have you made sure that the noise is actually coming from the graphics card yet? If not, boot your system from the internal graphics card (you mainboard has a build in one as well).

Here you can download GPU-Z which monitors temp and fanspeed of your card.