overclocking gpy (gigabyte 7950) advise

I have just build my new desktop and I am going to overclock it. I am basically wondering when overclocking the gpu does it not require any additional cooling like the cpu? My cpu is a i5-3570k and my gpu is a gigabyte hd 7950, it does have very good standard cooling with 3 fans so I assume it would be fine however I want to check. Later next week or so I will overclock my cpu with a corsair h100i for additional cooling.
As this is my first time I will probably overclock using a program like Gigabyte easy tune or Afterburner.

Thanks in advance and any tips on overclocking this would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. My case is a corsair 500R
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    With the gpu, it will increase the temps, but theres not much to to about that other than a custom liquid cooling loop. So you dont need to do anything with it. With the actual OC, afterburner or CCC is the best to use. In CCC you can use this built in OCer and just use the sliders to oc with ease.
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