Just built new PC, experiencing some weird sound coming from what seems the like hard drive. Can anyone tell me what this is?

So basically I just built a new gaming PC yesterday and i could really use some help. Every time i load a program or game, its making this hard to describe clicking sound. I recorded it three times so you can hear it.



Edit: you will have to turn up your volume to hear it, the mic wasn't picking up that well

Silent: (just smooth, no sound)

I took the rear panel off and listened for noise, it souds like it's coming directly from the Hard Drive. I checked for wires hitting fans and everything, but i don't know why this noise is happening.

So basically I don't know if I should return this hard drive for a better one, maybe return it and get SSD instead, or just keep it if this noise is normal.
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    I think the noise is coming from fans not the HDD. Though it not clear enough. But I never heard a HDD making such noise.
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