Computer and Windows XP will not recognize the windows 7 disk.

I am using a legitimate copy of 32bit windows 7 home premium. I have XP on the hard drive currently. The computer will only boot the XP disk in bios and in the actual OS it does not recognize any cds in the drive. I tryed unistalling and reinstalling the drive and nothing. When I try to install the OS on a different hard drive with no OS I just get brought me to a screen telling me to choose the right boot order or hit any key. It just continues in a loop. I'm not sure what todo. The cd drive likes the XP disk but won't recognize windows 7 In the OS or in the boot command.

Any thoughts?

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  1. As long as you have a legal key you can go here:
    and download an ISO of your OS then burn it to disk using imgburn.
  2. Well this is my only PC currently. And the computer won't even allow me to boot up my motherboard driver disk. When I'm in the OS it won't recognize any cds.
  3. Plus on a another system I was able to boot with this cd.
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    How To Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters Registry Values
  5. Witcher79 said:
    Plus on a another system I was able to boot with this cd.

    Your Disk drive should be CD drive. CD drives can not access DVDs
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