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Okay, so about 6months ago I brought a brand new corsair 600w PSU for my new system that I had built 2 months prier to this. Unfortunatly things didn't go to play and the first PSU just died. However, in January this year I finally got a new PSU and it was going fine until about 3 weeks after I had brought the PSU I was playing some TF2 with a few mates when all of a sudden a groaning sound started I thought nothing of it and I just thougt it was the new graphics card I had brought (other one died a long with the old PSU). Anywho it continued for about 3 months then all of a sudden it stopped? But just tonight it started again it flashed through my mind of something bad is going to happen so I try to source the sound with the side panel off. I thought it was the GPU and was like "Meh" then I heard it from below. Put my ear near the PSU and vo-la it was the PSU so naturally I was paniced, wondering what to do I just shut down the PC and see if I can do anything to stop it, I then reboot and the sound is still there. Right now I am typing this from my old laptop (thank god) and wondering if there is any major threat or not.

The only reason I can presume for this noise is the heat as it is very warm in my room and my CPU and GPU were idling 5-10 degrees celuis higher than normal due to the recent heat wave in England. I am just seriously worried and curious as to what it is, I've asked a few friends and they say it's just the Power Supplys fan spinning up higher to keep the thing cool (600w CX Builder by Corsair, it quotes "vairable fan speed"). For the time being I have just turned the system off when I hear the noise as it's quite distinctive. If it is just the fan noise then is it safe to keep running if this noise consists? However, like I previously stated I first thought nothing of it and continued to play not effecting me only the noise was quite irratating after a while


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  1. It could be coil whine! common thing in PSU's

    does it sound like this?
  2. It's really hard to explain it's not coil whine for sure. I can't think of a way to explain it..
  3. *hmmm* have you checked to make sure all connections are securely fastened to the PSU?
  4. Yes, all connections are secure. Like I stated in the post it's a strange noise. Probably the best may I can explain it, may sound stupid but it's like a sorta, from when it starts like a monotone growl into a somewhat low growl (not to be taken literal but the best way I can explain it). I don't know.
  5. IF that is the case then I would contact Corsair and return your deficient PSU for a new one as the warranty is quite long. A growling PSU isn't good and for the sake of your entire system from crashing it is worth it.
  6. Like I said it's not to be taken literal, anyway when this first started I was using the PSU while the noise was going on back in January/Febuary however, it hasn't crashed once *touch wood*.
  7. What are your system specs?
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    Could be a bad bearing.

    That is a budget PSU.
  9. System Specs:
    i5 3570k (3.4GHz NO OC)
    Asus P8Z77-V LX Motherboard
    Nvidia EVGA Gtx 660 SC
    WD Caviar Black 1TB
    Corsair 600W Builder PSU
    Coolermaster HAF 922 (Case)

    I agree it's a budget PSU, if it is a bad bearing how would one fix this?

    I will try to record the sound the best I can, I tried letting my friends listen but my headset mic didn't pick it up but it was audiable via my hearing
  10. You don't you send it back.

    Great specs , except the PSU.
  11. Oh, great 3rd time I'll have to take this system apart, thanks for the help Blackbird greatly appriciated. I assume me ordering it from amazon does not effect the send back to corsair?
  12. If you got it from Amazon I recommend you send it back with Amazon as Corsair don't intervene with problems in the UK. I had a faulty PSU and sent it back through Amazon to the return's section(some warehouse in Scotland) there should be no problems, just explain the issue and what you want, a refund or a replacement. Not a complex procedure.
  13. Problem here is that it's miles out of the return date, or whatever it is. Lastly before I wrap this up the noise only seems to happen when it hot , i.e sunny day. However if it's any other day like it's raining or just not sunny it's absolutly fine back to the normal fan sound.
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