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Right now I am using Avast! Rescue Disk. I have caught many virus/torjans/rootkits. But I want to make sure it is the best or get the best, most thorough scanner. I have looked around, I know AVG, Kapersky, ESET, and a few others are out there, along with the utility disks like Hiren's Boot CD, and TDK, etc. So, is Avast RD the best for scanning not on using the OS, or are there more reliables. If there are supporting studies please link.
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  1. dban then reinstall os.
  2. rgd1101 said:
    dban then reinstall os.

    Dban is what? I'm saying for future usage, I've already reinstalled the OS and it's clean, I'm wondering if there is any better than Avast rescue disk.
  3. I had great luck with Kaspersky Rescue CD.
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    Look for the future, the best way to stay virus free is this:

    1.) Buy Rollback Rx (If you have the cash for it)
    2.) Install Sandboxie
    3.) Buy either ESET or Bitdefender (My opinion of the top 2 AV's)
    4.) Buy Acronis True Image 2013 (Once you completely install whatever software you want and update your system, do a FULL backup of your system)

    If you buy Rollback Rx make sure you set it to take snapshots once everyday or on-demand. You will never have another virus in your life I promise you this.

    p.s. Don't use things like System Restore or Deep Freeze in place of Rollback since they don't even rollback your MBR where rootkits can hide.
  5. What are you doing that causes so much malware to get on your computer?

    I think you should change your computing habits.
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