Is there anything i can plug into my modem which i can connect my laptop to to bypass the router?

I recently had problems with my laptop having limited connectivity when connecting to my router via wifi, after trying everything i could find on forums (i used my ipad to search), i decided to try using ethernet to my modem, it worked (thats how im asking this right now). Since my laptop cant always be plugged in like this, is there anything i can plug into my modem which my laptop can connect to using wifi (not bluetooth because my laptop is a floor up from the modem), preferably about £5-10 (i live in the uk if it makes a difference)
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  1. A different router, or different router location.
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    So does your laptop connect to other wifi sources (like free one at a coffee shop)? If yes, then USAFRet is right - need a new router or move the one you have to a better location.

    If not, your internal wifi card is dead. You can either order a replacement from the laptop manufacturer (most are user accessible) or get a USB wifi adapter.
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