Attempting repairs windows 8

My friend has asked me to look at his laptop due to the cpu usage being so high constantly.

I immediately turned it off and back on and now it seems to be stuck on attempting repairs.

I then immediately looked for a windows 8 serial key sticker in case of a format being needed and there isn't one.

It also does not have a make or model sticker =/ all i know is that it's a HP.

Before he gave it to me it worked fine except for the cpu usage issue. the fact that i've turned it off and now it's like this, tells me, he has never turned it off properly and now it looks like I have broken it, even though this is not the case.

Got any suggestions?
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  1. sometimes the serial is under the battery

    got a dell herre like that

    on hp usually pressing f11 at start up gives a recovery partition
  2. Currently doing a system restore as far back as possible which is june.

    The CPU is being hogged up by wmi host provider, used about 40-100% lol.

    Got any ideas on that?

    Edit: System restore is taking a LONG time
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    Windows 8 serial keys are not on COA stickers anymore. They are hard coded into the firmware.

    This has been seen (on HP systems) in regards to the Wireless Assistant (HPWA):

    It could also potentially be malware.
  4. Been waiting 1 hour for it to do a system restore, once it's done i will try the methods noted in the link you gave me.

    So if i format, it will automatically have the key ready?

  5. Yep. You shouldn't need to enter in a key; it should just pull it during installation per OA 3.0.
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