7870xt XFX vs. Sapphire

Which card is better, more reliable? XFX 7870xt or Sapphire 7870xt?
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  1. Judging from what I have read here I'd go for the Sapphire as many people have said sapphire makes good AMD GPU's.

    One thing to consider is that I did read about the 7870's having an issue with black screens, but I do believe this had to do with the older models of this GPU.
  2. I would go with Sapphire over XFX...I have an XFX in my machine right now, and got it because the price was right, it's never failed me, but the build quality isn't as good and i've had some issues with the fans...the few sapphire cards i've had were much better built and were extremely reliable. I'd place XFX in the bottom of the decent GPU makers, and Sapphire towards the top, just below the premium ones like ASUS and MSI who's cards often cost a bit more.
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