Difference between gigabyte GA-H87-D3H & GA-B85M-D3H, and i5 3570 vs 4570

Hello everyone, i intend assembling my pc, i initially settled on an i5 3570, but im not sure if i should buy the 3rd generation or go for the i5 4570, one reason i prefer 4570, is the power consumption, its much lower than the 3570, according to cpuboss, its twice as low.

well if i go for the 4570, would the stock cooler do? or i need to go aftermarket, and w.r.t motherboard what does the b85 lack as compared to the h87? The main purpose of my rig is gaming, but im not into overclocking nor would i go for an SSD.

P.S: The i5 4570 is clocked at 3.2 Ghz as compared to 3570's 3.4, would that be a great deal? Thanks
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  1. the 4570 isnt the comparison for the 3570, the 4670 is that. Low power CPU's are usually in themselves low powered. I would be suprised if the 4570 could even keep up with the 3570. The 3470 is the comparison of the 4570.

    As for the motherboards, this article should help you

    However the 3570 will not work on those motherboards as it requires an lga1155 socket as opposed to the 1150 socket of those motherboards.
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    1. In game, 4570 is not much better than 3570, not considerable.
    2. 4570 is low power than 3570 when it is idle, so it's not much helpful when you play game. I would be surprise if it is 2 times less power than 3570.
    3. Again, I would be surprise if 4570 is cooler than 3570, actually, it's hotter when it loads heavily.
    4. SSD get nothing to do with OC. SSD will help your rig boot up and load your games extremely fast. I thinks it's very helpful in this way. But, remember, SSD does not help much in the game performance, the VGA does.
    5. The basic things about b85 and h87 is: H87 get 6 sata3 and have raid, b85 get 4 sata3, 2 sata2 and no raid.
    6. Giga H87-D3H is much better than B85M-D3H. The H87-D3H goes with all Japan electrolytic capacitor, IOR mosfet, Digital CPU VRM and USB fuses. The B85M-D3H goes with all Taiwan cap, low ESD mosfet...not so good as H87-D3H.
    >>>Though Haswell is not out-performed compare to Ivy-bridge, but for the best, I think you should go for 4570 and H87-D3H and a good SSD is very helpful to.
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