Can an 8 pin PCIE extension work as an 8 pin CPU power extension?

Just as the title says and if not can you explain why?
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    no because the Current ratings are different for the cpu and the pcie connectors even thought the voltages are the same which is why they are keyed differently.

    the pinout is also reversed, if you were to put an EPS12v connector into a pcie slot or a pcie connector into the EPS12V slot you would short 12v to the ground.
  2. ^+1 exactly, they just give different power, Either you'll have too much power or way less power for wherever you plug it in.
  3. no as the pin shapes are different so you cpu 8 pin will not fit into a 8pin pci-e port. and also the pic-e plug will not fit into the cpu 8pin on your motherboard.

    they do this to make sure the wrong plug does not get plugged into the wrong socket. which stops your pc going bang. which is always a good thing :)
  4. Damn Glad I asked before trying it
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