Can't make my mind up, what shall i upgrade in my computer?

I have a computer that is about two years old now from when i bought it and although it has done me well I just would like to splash a bit of cash on some new stuff for it. 30 frames a second in some games is getting a little painful now!

The components that i have in my computer that I am thinking off upgrading are......
CPU i5-2500K @ 3.30GHz
RAM 4gb kingston
POWER SUPPLY corsair 550w
TV lg 24inch, native resolution 1920 x 1080, 5ms response time, refresh rate 75hz (i think)

This is the list of components i'm thinking of upgrading, I would like to upgrade all of them but some will have to take priority due to money. I want to be able to practise some 3d modelling in blender and maybe play around with some unity game engine. I would like to play recent games like arma 3 and in the future dayz standalone battlefield 4 etc. It would also be nice to get a second monitor which i suppose i would definitely need to upgrade my graphics card. I think the problem at the moment is that my graphics card and ram are holding me back. I'm not sure about my cpu, sometimes i see it peak up to 100% in the task manager.

I'm not looking to go all out and buy the best components out there i am only on a apprentices wage but i can afford to spend a little more if it means the difference between bad products and good ones. I would prefer nvidia to amd and intel for the processor (if you think i should upgrade these)

Thank You for taking the time out of your day to read :)
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  1. just get 4 more gig of ram and upgrade your graphics card to a 760, 7950/70 or a card around those lines.

    your cpu should be fine for a good while longer, im still puttering along on a phenom II 955 perfectly fine and your I5 is quite a bit better than my phenom lol.

    also make sure you have x64 widows 7 or 8 installed.
  2. Ye I think I will definately upgrade to 8 gigs of ram and my next upgrade should be the graphics card
    anyone else have a good graphics card that they could recommend me? and why I should buy that one. I don't know much about graphics cards all i tend to look for at the moment is how many gb they have mine at the moment is only 1gb so i think two gb's should be good for now but will it still be good in a year's time?
    and yes i have windows 7 64 bit installed :D
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    Keep you CPU, get a cooler if you are on stock and OC it @4+ghz, go to total of at least 8 gb ram, get a gtx770 or 760 and you will rock for 2 generations more @60 fps high settings.
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