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Ok so I have soared a few times on here and I still cannot get a direct answer. I have read tons of other threads too. So I am going to just make this as simple as possible.

Running 3 monitors in 1080p in non panoramic. I am up between a 760 4gb and a 770 4gb, the 760 could later on be sli.

Right now if I buy a single card which one should I get that can support all 3 screens and still run my games in max res?
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    I would say none of them. 5760 x 1080 is a damn high resolution. Don't think a single 770 can handle gaming on 3 monitors and using max settings in every games. You would need to SLI 2 x 760 or 2 x 770 for that.
  2. Ok 2 760's it is
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