Is this temp to high?

I started playing Battlefield 3 at max settings and my amd phenom II X4 955 black edition is geting 70c while playing is that safe?
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  1. No it is not at all safe its the maximum temp a phenom can handle

    Lower it down
  2. Tad high, but safeish... its time to get a new cooler?

    Checked the pasting? it shouldnt hit that till overclocked.

    Whats the ambient room temp?
  3. I had a Phenom-II X4 before and my temps were lower than that. I had good success with aftermarket coolers for this CPU. However, the stock cooler was just awful, too noisy and temps were too high.

    Are you using stock cooler? Do you have a case with good airflow? You should have at least 1 x fan for intake and 1 x fan for exhaust in your tower, that's the bare minimum for good airflow in a gaming computer. For instance, I have a Antec Nine Hundred and it has 2 x 120mm fans for intake and 1 x huge 200mm fan for exhaust, helping to keep all components cool.
  4. Yes, these are pretty high. I managed to degrade 1090T somewhat running temperatures that high. Keep it 61-62C or less.
  5. I have a decent after market cpu cooler
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    if your runing an over clock turn it down and reduce the volts. 70'c is to high for that cpu 61-62 is the safe maximum.
    if your not running an oc then the cooler you have is eather unstable for the job in that it cant handle the thermal output, or its badly fitted and will need re-mounting.
    also make sure the thermal paste hasnt turned gritty. the stock paste on amd cpu's tends to grit up with dust and dirt. so needs to be replaced after about 2 years.
  7. Get the cooler master hyper 212 evo just for 30$ and it would even beat a h80
  8. seperoph said:
    I have a decent after market cpu cooler

    Sounds like it's not installed properly (like not making a good contact with the CPU). Also, did you use thermal paste?

    In any case, you'll have to unmount it, remove old paste and re-apply new one and reinstall CPU & heatsink and make sure it's properly seated.
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