No Video Output if Graphic Card is Inserted!

I got a new GT630 Zotac 4GB Graphic card on my PC. The thing is, the video wont load if the graphic card is inserted most times!

Otherwise it works perfectly fine if the Card is set aside dismantled and the output is connected to the VGA output of the motherboard.

At times when the card works, and after the Windows loads, I checked the Device Manager which says the Graphic Card is in perfect shape! I seriously dont know what is the issue.

Played around with the BIOS settings a lot, nothing seems to sort the issue. Though it may load at times, the screen just goes blank during those almost lucky times too.

Need help here. Guys please. :(
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    Just try to set the primary video card to the PCI-E/external card. If that doesn't work, try a different PCI-E slot if you have one that the card can fit. If it works in the 2nd slot, then that PCI-E slot in your motherboard is bad, return the motherboard for a new one or just use the 2nd one. If it doesn't work, then the card you have is bad, and you can simply return it for a different one.
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