Hasswell or ivy bridge

I am building a new PC
was wondering if it is worth getting haswell cpu or just go for ivy bridge am looking at about quad core 3.4ghz
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  1. do you plan on doing any overclocking? if so then go with ivy bridge as haswell produces more heat and has less headroom for overclocking. if not then get a non K haswell as it will have higher performance than ivy (not by much but then again, if you aren't overclocking then what you get is what you get).
  2. I may overclock in the future, so any recommendations for an ivy bridge cpu
  3. 3570k for sure then. It is cheaper than the haswell 4670k and overclocks better due to not running as hot.
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    Dont opt for a haswell over ivy
    1. Only 5-10% marginal increase in haswell from ivy
    2.haswell produces more heat than 6 core sandy bridge e processors so ivy cpu would b better overclocker
    3.there is no news that the 1150 socket would support further generation processors

    I hope thats what u would all need to know
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