Overclocking amd athlon ii x4 630

I dont understand anything about overclocking my cpu but i want to,so i will be glad if someone can tell me step by step how to make it and with what program.I want it to be stable.I read that 3,4-3,6 is possible.
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  1. NO, don't OC thru a program. OC thru your bios. Read a lot, we can't just post one paragraph OCing. haha
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    overclocking is a very very involved process. you'd be better off going to the overclocking forums. Before you do anything, do a google search for guides. You asked more than you realized here :)

    as for what program you will be using... unless your motherboard makes an overclocking utility, you'll have to use the bios. Overclocking is a long process and no one can tell you the exact settings you'll need since every chip is just a little bit different.
  3. If i give my computer to a service will they overclock it ?
  4. It will likely take weeks of trial and error to get your overclock stable btw. so spend a lot of time reading up before hand on the subject, look for guides and such. When you have a better understanding of what is involved in overclocking (those guides exist for a reason :) ) then come back with specific questions and we could definitely help you out. I'm not trying to be a jerk but teaching someone how to overclock can't be done in a few forum posts.

    No technician will ever EVER overclock a cpu. Overclocking (no matter how experience the person is) still carries risk and if they fry your cpu or motherboard, you'd want them to replace it.
  5. so i have to read a lot,ok thank you
  6. Ok if you are really willing to try an OC. Try to set your multiplier at 225 then FSB at x13. If you don't know any of these values, just google. If your FSB is not set to x13 by default, don't touch it. Just increase the multiplier, it's value would be around 200
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