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Hey guys,

I just recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu. I got the Double Diamond HD7770 GhZ Edition graphics card. I got it only for a few months and I'm already thinking of buying a new one around the same price I bought this one,except better. My budget is around 200$ CA. Any ideas? I don't really care if it's a GTX or a HD card.

Thank you.:)
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    You should be able to find a HD7850 or GTX650Ti Boost Edition within your budget; maybe even a HD7870. From what I've read, HD7850 <= GTX650Ti Boost < HD7870
  2. Sell your 7770 so you'll have more money. Then get a 7870

    Or if you have more, get a 760
  3. Remember, he's in Canada, so US Newegg prices are probably off.
  4. Yea sorry bout that, but I was just posting for reference. :) Prices wouldn't be that much different, right? :)
  5. I remember when I was young and would visit family in Toronto I'd always scam a game out of my Dad because it would be slightly cheaper because of exchange rates. Darn Canucks are kicking the USD's butt around now-a-days though, no more cheap games for me :(.
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