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Hi everyone, i just built my first PC. I have an i5-4670k with Asus Z87Pro mobo and a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo set up with 2 Corsair SP120 High performance fans in push/pull, I am interested in overclocking but havent changed any settings on my CPU yet. My question is about my temps, I just ran prime95 for only 30 minutes (stock cpu settings) and my temps were hitting the upper 80's. Am I overreacting about the temps being too high or is there something that I should be trying to fix. I plan to lightly overclock as time goes on but these numbers kind of freak me out..any advice is appreciated so let me know!

ps. I used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and used the "grain of rice" with microdots on the corners to interface the CPU cooler if that helps.
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  1. make sure the heatsink is tightly fitted, its a heavy cooler.
  2. mauller07 said:
    make sure the heatsink is tightly fitted, its a heavy cooler.

    I think its about as tight as it gets, I'm kind of anal about that sort of stuff during installation. It did shift a little when I installed the new fans, think that could be a sign its a little loose?
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    have you you used something like cpuz to check what speed and vcore it's running at ? the i5 have boost that will put them upto 3.8ghz from there normall speed of 3.4. my asus motherboard used to run mine at 3.8 all the time until i overclocked it :)

    and have you check what speed your fans are running at ? if they are 2000rpm fans but only running at 1000rpm then that could be an issue.

    also if your not to sure get some new termal past (if you don't already have some) and try repasting the HSF again
  4. i know SPfans are more for radiator on watercoolers..
  5. No! the SP fans from Corsair are designed to be used on both radiator and heatsink. For a Prime95 test those temperatures are undoubtedly high. What are your temps when idling or gaming for example a prime95 is very CPU intensive causing your CPU to get hot if your gaming under 60 then your temperature is fine and nothing to worry about.
  6. SP fans are not optimized for radiators nor heatsinks. They are optimized for static pressure at the cost of air flow. So, if you have some disturbance in the way of the airflow like a rad, a mesh or a heatsink it depends on how long that disturbance is (in direction of the airflow) and how "fine ribbed" (in lack of a better word) that disturbance is.
    Theoretically, you could have a heatsink with a lot of ribs and therefore would necessarily need an pressure optimized fan. However, I doubt there are any of these heatsink, since they would probably lack ability of convection.

    So, to shorten this up: On normal heatsink it is always wiser to choose fans optimized for airflow.

    As for the temp problem: What´s your vcore set to or how high does it get when running Prime?
  7. Yes, so they are more effective when they do not have a greater clearance than cooling fans
  8. Thanks for all the answers, I realized that under load my mobo is automatically OC'ing the system, so the temps are more understandable. When I'm playing games the temps dont go above 60c so I think its actually doing pretty well!
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