Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 rev 1.1 paired with FX 8350

Guys I currently have a Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 revision 1.1 paired with a FX 6100 and I'm currently looking at my upgrade path. I saw something about this motherboard having issues when paired with the FX 8350 specifically with the voltages fluctuating and temps on the mosfets. Does anyone have experience with this setup and if so would I be able to overclock in the future? If not I may wait a while longer and switch to Intel. Thanks in advance!
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    The UD3 is probably not a good mobo for the Vishera. I would recommend the UD5, Extreme4(990FX), or the m5a99fx mobo.
  2. I understand that I don't have the best motherboard( but will it work with 8350?
  3. Gilitar said:
    I understand that I don't have the best motherboard( but will it work with 8350?

    Yes it will work, but not for overclocking.
  4. I have my FX 8350 @ 4.4GHz on stock voltage on a GA-990FXA-UD3 Rev. 1.0. To get 4.5 I need to bump the voltage a little but discovered the manually set voltage in the BIOS ends up lower than expected, as if there's a .050 offset forcing you to use higher volts to counter vDroop.

    I think this because under full load CPU voltage can fluctuate +/- .025 and it is always approx. .050 lower than what I specify in the BIOS whenever I start setting manual CPU voltage.

    I added a corsair H100i to cool the CPU, and it works wonderfully. Also, my case has a cpu socket backside vent/fan and I added an Antec Spot Cool fan to keep air moving over the NB and VRM heatsinks.

    Without LLC on this board you will need to use a bit more voltage for stability. I've had mine as high at 4.7GHz on 1.5-1.52v but it was getting hot and not practical for a 24/7 OC anyway. Around 4.5-4.6 GHz is plenty and you don't need to use crazy volts to reach that.

    High OC on the FX 8350 pulls current and heats up similar to the 9000 series FX CPUs. The rev 4.0 of the UD3 supports the high TDP FX CPUs (IE: 9000 series 4.7/5.0 GHz)
    The UD5 and UD7 also support them, as well as the Asus Sabretooth and ASRock Extreme9. If I had to choose a new board to buy to push 5.0GHz, I'd go with the Sabretooth this go round.
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