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I know that Directx 11 won't run on a Directx 10.1 graphics card, but does that mean that an Directx 11 graphics card won't run Directx 11.1? To me it is obvious that Directx 11 won't run on Directx 10.1 graphics card because they are comepletely different versions of Directx. But Directx 11.1 is just a small update to Directx 11 as far as I know.So would an Directx 11 card run Directx 11.1?
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    I am not completely sure, but it probably would. Just try it and find out. It's simple to test, download Directx 11.1 and try to install it. If it installs fine and you don't see any issues, then it works, if not then just use DirectX 11. It most likely will work fine though, and if not, as you said its just a small update.
  2. Thank you for answering to my question. I'm currently on a vacation and have limited internet over here, so I will try it when i get back home. Any way thank you for the information. :)
  3. No problem. Hope it works for you. If you don't mind, unless you have further questions, I would appreciate it if you would mark my reply as the best solution.

    Enjoy your vacation :)
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