Receiving all kinds of voltage warnings after overclock.

Hey. I have done some overclocking on my 1090T today, and now AI Suite is giving me all kinds of voltage warnings continuously. Like "HT voltage 0,000V" "CPU/NB Voltage 0,000V" "DRAM Voltage something" and so on..

I am just wondering if something has gone wrong? My pc seems to run normally, as I have been using it now for a while.

If the voltage goes to 0, shouldn't my pc just crash?
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    It's some sort of bug with AI Suite your computers fine, I experience the same thing myself. Just a FYI software voltage readings are not really trust worthy to begin with.
  2. have to agree with orlean-- AI Suite gives me stupid warnings like your cpu is minus 123c

    and your 12v is 23v etc
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