Display not working after Graphic Card BIOS Flash

Hello everyone,

Today I tried to flash my notebook's graphic card ( ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 5870) because it was with limited fan speed and I wasn't able to change it with softwares... The problem is that I think I used the wrong BIOS in the process and now every time I turn my Notebook on the display doesn't work...
I've opened my notebook (Asus G73Jh) and removed the graphic card and tried to turn it on without it, but the problem persists...
I don't have another PCI card to make some tests =/
I do have the BIOS backup saved on a pen drive.

The command I used to flash the BIOS with the USB boot: atiflash -f -p 0 name.910

I hope you can help me... Thank You !!
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    Sorry, you need to be a little more clear to get help I think.
    You say its a notebook, but usually notebooks don't have removable graphics cards. You also mention not having another PCI card to test it with, but PCI is an old desktop interface. There is PCIMCIA (I think its called), and I think a version of PCI-E for notebooks, but not PCI.

    Maybe if you clear this up a little more people will have more responses.

    Just to point out though, there are simple programs to adjust the fan speed without flashing the bios. Flashing a bios is extremely dangerous. Hope you didn't break it.
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