Cpu stock cooler question.

I'm just wanting to know, do some stock cpu coolers make a whistling sound, I've only noticed it since I got my new case, but it can be fairly loud whilst under load.
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    I don't know ! To be honest haven't used a stock cooler in years on a build....I have gone with 3rd party as far back as I remember, and while I get rigs in that have stock on them for repairs and upgrades......they aren't new, so I would think some sound would be expected from age....Thinking about it, it wouldn't surprise me if they did, can always check that the legs are snug, and check the fan when off to see if anything is in between the blades, blow it out with compressed air if available.....
  2. if the bearings or sleeves of any of the fans in the case failed, it would very much sound like a whistling sound. if you are quite sure the noise is coming from the cpu fan, I would replace immediately.
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