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We play lord of the rings Rise of the witch king. with 4 cumputers. i have them all connected to my 8 port Gigabit Switch. And i notice random pause in the game play and then everything catches up. I tried playing by my self and it works 100% fine not one pause not units skipping nothing. Now i tried on the other pc same thing when its by its self no problem. But play 2 to gather on the network and every once in a while you get that quick freez for like 1 milisecond. But its enought to stop your movement with your mouse. I tried lowering the setting on the Cumputers and that did not make a difrence. It only does it on network game play.

Network Router

I also connected everything to my D link router and it was actauly alittle worse
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    Gaming on lan is generally depends on no of pings you get from ur internet . the solution for this problem is may be that check pings by tying "ping then i p address of your internet " it shows the no of gate ways open in no of time ,if time is less then it is good network ,then you have to only check any further background services running by using task manager that uses internet ,close it down.
    if it didnt work then recheck ur lan cable and try to rest modem .hope it works !!! best wishes for you!!!! happy gaming ;)
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