Does 6970 support mini display port to vga adapter

like it says above i would like to know if my 6970 can support a mini display port vga adapter.

i just purchased an 144hrtz monitor however the only DVI port that i have that supports the 144 refresh rate is also the only DVI port that supports the DVI to VGA adapter for my second older monitor.

so at this point i can either run 2 monitors at 60 hertz each or 1 at 144.

thanks for any help

i want to make sure before i order an MDisplay port to VGA adapter that my 6970 will support it, or vice versa if i get a MDisplay port cable for my 144 monitor will it support that
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    Never seen an adapter like this, but from the sounds of it I don't see why it shouldn't. Adapters usually adapt the signal coming through them so it works. Just like the DVI to VGA adapter changes the various signals going to the DVI, which has many pins, down to only the 15 pins of a VGA. The adapter should change it without the graphics card knowing any better.
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