Socket 775 Cooler on a Socket 1155 MotherBoard?

I have been toying with the idea of replacing my Stock Intel Cooler on my Core I5 3570. I don't want anything crazy or huge, just something that will keep it cool and look nice. I have a Rosewill RCX Z2 ( Socket 775 cooler that works well and looks nice but I am not sure it will work. I know it is not on the list of compatible CPUs but I also know a lot of people that use Socket 775 coolers on these newer boards. So does anyone know if it can be done? should I attempt to use it or should I just pony up the dough for a completely new cooler?
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    Some coolers have mounting kits that adapt to many different sockets.
    It looks to me like the rosewill will not.
    I also think it is not any more effective than the stock Intel cooler.
    The only negative of the intel cooler is that it might speed up and be noisy under heavy load.
    Since you can't overclock, it will perform just fine.

    If you want a good value, look at the cm hyper212 for abut $30.
    The 120mm fan will run slower and be quieter.
  2. some motherboards have extra mounting holes on them that will fit both lga 775 coolers and lga 1155 coolers. if you board has the extra holes then i might work.
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