Gigabyte x58A-udr3 reboot loop.

New build consisting of said motherboard with: i7 990x, 12gb corsair vengeance 1600, gtx 560. Powers on and fans and mobo lights come on then everything stops, and starts again a few seconds later. Never get to bios, or see any video.Tried booting with no USB devices attached, tried with one stick of ram, cleared cmos with the button, all stays the same.

Here's something, though. I disconnected the cpu power 8 pin cable, and the board stays powered. Obviously it doesn't POST, but it's a change. Anyone think the CPU could be toast? It was in another board during an unfortunate incident involving soup, but appeared untouched.
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    It might be. Try connecting a case speaker and start the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed. See if getting any beeps.
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