Fitting a 240mm rad to Silverstone GD07 case?

I have purchased the "XSPC RayStorm 750 RX240 (V4 Pump) WaterCooling Kit" for my new build which sits in a Silverstone GD07 case. However, I am now debating whether to mount the 240 rad completely externally OR whether to put it onto the outside of the case side where there are mounts for two 120mm fans in exactly the same config as the rad with 2*120mm blowing out straight onto the rad through the wide holes in the grille.

To compensate for loosing an intake I would then add a third 120mm intake fan at the front, and install two reversed 80mm fans at the back where the exhaust would normally go.

So in total, intakes: 3*120mm (front) + 2* 80 mm (back)

Exhaust: 2*120mm (side) inside case but blowing out onto radiator just outside.

My question is that as I have not seen any pics of anyone with a config where the rad is flush against the case on the outside but with fans inside the case in a push config, is there anything wrong with this arrangement?

If necessary, i could add two more 120mm fans to the rad in a pull config.

Edited for specs:
FX8350 @4.4Ghz on Stock
HD7950 @ 950 / 1350
8GB Ram
MSI 990FXA-GD65 Mobo
Sandisk 60GB SSD (Boot)
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    In an airflow restricted case like that, I would go with an external mounted rad.
    The kit comes with standoffs you can use to mount the rad to the top case top panel, though you will need to drill some holes to mount them (and probably to get tubing through).
  2. Thanks will mount externally this weekend!
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