is this computer good for playing latest games ?

AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz Six Core 14MB


NZXT Technologies Source 210 Computer Case




Windows 7 32-bit

500 GB Hard Disk

Answer Fast Please !
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  1. Everything else is good, except that the GPU is kind of garbage.
  2. You will not have a good gaming experience with that graphics card. What is your budget?
  3. i can get a new one under 148 dollars
  4. is there a good graphics card under 148 dollars
  5. What do you mean? Are you saying you can get a 630 for under 148 dollars and that's why you want it? Or are you saying your card must not be more than $148?
  6. yes it musn't be more than $148 ....... sorry for bad english
  7. Can ( EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti SuperClocked 2GB GDDR5 ) play latest games ( 2013 and further ) ?
  8. Your new EVGA GTX 650TI would definetly run the newest games but i would up your system bus, from 32bit to 64 bit, because new games life BF4 will only run on 64 bit (or at least the beta does) however to give you a totally fair analysis you should state your processor, I have an I5 3230M @ 2.6ghz-3.10GHZ and it runs it games extremely well. Also if you cant afford the GeForce then I have an AMD RADEON HD 8750M 2gbs GDDR5 which also runs games like bf3 at 35-65 frames (which isnt AMAZING but its cheap and playable)
  9. Just read specs for some new 2013/2014 games and the need around 2+gbs of video ram (the card I suggested has that) you should upgrade to anywhere from 8gbs of ram to 16gbs of ram (watchdogs is an amazing looking game and needs specs like that) the new games seem to be jumping to intense specs quickly so id change while you can
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