Not sure if im in the right section looking for help with a laptop hdd to desktop

ok heres my thing im cheap so being that i have an old laptop just gathering dust(because the power plug on the laptop became loose so no longer charges rather than fixing i just bought a new one) so heres my thing said dust covered laptop contains a 1tb hdd now my desktop while having 8gb of ram only hasa meak 224gb hdd so my question is how (cant seem to find a clear tutorial here) do i go about nixing my old 224 and adding in the unused 1tb laptop drive and what are the pros and cons of doing this? would it be possible to run them both in tandem giving me a solid 1tb 224gb space? or should i just go with one or the other.

now i know many are gonna say hey just upgrade you hdd to the appropriate one not a laptop one but its 1tb and its free....
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    it will be slower than a desktop version but very easy to do. it is sata since it is a 1tb so the plugs are exactly the same.. You will not want to boot off this drive as it will be slower most likely (if it is 7200 RPM it might not be slower though) Just plug the power and sata cable into your current computer and drive and windows should just find it as another drive.
  2. ok so i connected the hard drive and opened it (recognizes it as a local disk) i removed what i wanted to save now is there a way to sync it so that it acts as tho its a section of the original harddrive or do i just format it and treat it as i would a usb disk?
  3. That second one it will just be another drive letter on your computer. Format and load it up.

  4. You can't be that cheap since you bought a whole new laptop instead of replacing a $10 part.

    Make sure you have the drive secured in the case and not just loose sitting on something, you may need to buy an adapter to fit it.
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