which will increase fps for cpu bound game gw2

was wondering i have a core i7 920 overclocked to 3.6ghz bout as much as itll go due to being old and heat and a radeon 7850 graphics card. im gonna move up to 2560x 1440 resolution and wondering in a cpu bound game like guild wars 2 wich would get me more fps a haswell i7 4770k or a nvidia card 770
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  1. The CPU well make the bigger difference.
    The Radeon 7850 is a really good graphics card for gaming.
  2. What Raedon 7850 is it? Also if you have the money go for the i7 processor that is a great processor and you will sure be able to play games with that!

    I have the XFX Raedon 7850 2GB and it is OK
  3. Most MMO type games rely more on CPU. The main reason for this is that they want to be able to reach a larger audience.

    So, a good rule of thumb when dealing with any MMO is "CPU > GPU".
  4. Turn-based strategy games are also more CPU intensive.
  5. Azrael47 said:
    Turn-based strategy games are also more CPU intensive.

    Yea, I know I like the idea of upgrading the CPU.

    You can always toss in a better GPU later. Unless your GPU is junk, which, I've got a HD 7850 and it's more than enough for MMOs, up the CPU.

    A good CPU will out last a good GPU.

    Also, are you using afterburner to oc your HD 7850? If not, you can easily OC it (mine is 1050core 1400mem). You'll notice a nice FPS jump just off of that.
  6. Upgrade your CPU! the HD 7850 will suffice until you get enough money to get a GPU upgrade. But me and the other forum members believe that you will benefit from upgrading your CPU.

    Remember to select a solution in this thread, the forum members appreciate it!
  7. If this is any indication, I would say the GTX 770 would be a better idea.,3268.html
  8. logainofhades said:
    If this is any indication, I would say the GTX 770 would be a better idea.,3268.html

    Yea, I hadn't considered his desire to increase to such a high resolution.

    Personally, I'd stick to 1080p for now, upgrade the CPU, and than up to 2560x1440 when you can also afford a new card. but, that's just me.
  9. yes the price of the GTX 770 should drop later on in the year with the release of newer cards etc.
  10. ok, well if i go for the CPU let me ask since i really only play online games right now its guild wars 2 and later when it com,es out elderscrolls online, and battlefield 4 online, so heres the question

    in these CPU intensive hi resolutions (will be a few months but will upgrade to higher then 1920x1080) but with higher resolutions and online gaming will the i7 with it having hyperthreading and 2more mb of cache will it give me much of an advantage over the 4670k i5? heard the i7 and hyperthreading only bennifits in video rendering?

    oh also note i at one point added a second radeon 7850 for crossfire and it was utilized properly as well and i only got 9 to 11fps more from 30fps to 41fps and no change hardly in fps when around large groups of real players so i sent the card back thinkin i was bottlenecked at the cpu
  11. Yep, for gaming the i5 and i7 won't have TOO MUCH of a difference. But yes, hyperthreading is mainly only for video rendering.
  12. Cool, so you're going CPU?

    Good, adding a video card IMO would be simply patching what your issue is, or will be, the CPU. Catch that card later when it's cheaper, or there are better options out there for the price range.

    Hope you enjoy.
  13. yea, well heres a good question benchmarks aside or not, but percent wise how much faster do you think the i7 920 would be compared to an i5 4670 anyone know off hand?

    also to i noticed on benchmarks atleast the few iv looked at that the 3770k does a decent bit better then the 4670k so i still wonder bout the hyper-thread thing especialy for online games and the 4770k would like to see more gaming benchmarks but not a huge gamer so dont know anything reputable
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    WINTERLORD said:
    yea, well heres a good question benchmarks aside or not, but percent wise how much faster do you think the i7 920 would be compared to an i5 4670 anyone know off hand?

    From i7 920 to i5 4670 you're looking at about 30% IPC gain and 30% clock speed gain. Combined that's easily 50% faster which is quite noticeable.
  15. i5-4670k vs i7-920

    i7 920 vs i7 3770k

    i5-4670K vs i7-3770K

    i5-4670k advantages

    ---> In single-threaded programs, the microprocessor is 2% faster. <---
    The Core i5-4670K processor has AVX2 instructions enabled. These extensions are not extensively used by applications yet, however their support should improve in future apps.
    This CPU includes FMA3 instruction set extension. The FMA3 technology is only available on AMD processors, thus it probably will not get broad support from software vendors.
    The official price of the microprocessor is much lower than the price of the Intel Core i7-3770K.
    ------->The CPU has 31% better price/performance ratio. <---------

    i7-3770K advantages

    --> In multi-threaded tasks, the Intel Core i7-3770K is 11% faster. <--
    Memory performance of the processor is better.
    In graphics applications and games, the microprocessor has 1% higher performance.
    The CPU is not "locked". The processor can be effortlessly overclocked on most motherboards to achieve better performance.
    Power consumption of the Intel i7-3770K is lower.
    --> better overclocked clock speed (Air) 4.77 GHz vs 4.55 GHz <--
    --> Better overclocked clock speed (Water) 4.92 GHz vs 4.61 GHz <--

    *Hyper threading won't make a difference while gaming.
    *Dollar for dollar, the i5-4670k seems to be your best bet. 31% better price/performance ratio is hard to beat.
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