How to recover data from Corrupted HDD

Hi, I have an HDD that got corrupted, I bought an enclosure to recover the data, but Computer Management is showing the disk as "Unallocated".
Any suggestion how to recover the data? Thank you
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    You might try a Linux boot CD. Sometimes it can see and mount a partition that Windows can not. Also from the Linux CD try testdisk it is designed to recover lost partitions.

    Also from the Linux CD you can see the drive's SMART data (but not over usb) with the command: smartctl -a
  2. Thank you.
    Don't know anybody with Linux CD.
    I tried ZAR and it worked, even if it changes all the names of the folders and create a folder for almost every file, and creates multiple copies of the files, but I managed to get back basically everything. Thank you everybody that replied.
  3. You are welcome.
  4. QuickData hard drive recovery tool is the best solution to recover data from corrupted HDD.
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