what look for in a motherboard for video editing/gaming

hi guys just wanted to know what i should look for in a mobo for mild hd video editing and rendering and online gaming. i'll most probably go with an i5 3570 or an amd fx 8350. i already know about sockets so just leave those out. thanks in advance!
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    For video rendering, I'll suggest the 8350, it's the one thing it does better than the Intel CPUs, will want fast DRAM the 8350 is safely topped at 1866 w/ 16GB, prob want the 990FX chipset mobo as it's newest and best optimized to the 8350, AMD mobos don't support PCI-E 3 which is most of the newer higher end GPUs which you'll want for both gaming and video work, but they are all backward compatible to PCI-E 2
  2. so you mean to say that i can still plug a PCI-E 3 gpu into a 990fx mobo even if it doesn't support PCI-E 3? the 990 fx sabertooth does support it though but it's just way too overpriced here in the philippines. so, yeah im looking to get the asrock 990fx one instead but i'll still have to look into the msi one though
  3. Yes PCI-E 3 cards are backward compatible and there's technically littleincrease anyway - would prob never notice the difference
  4. thank you
  5. no problem, let us know how it goes
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