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Hello Toms Hardware, I had a problem with a lot of blue screens with the ram of my computer so I took it in to where I bought the parts, they ran diagnostics and determined it was the ram. So they replaced it free of charge and its been good ever since. But just today I replaced the stock heatsink with an aftermarket one, and I had a weird bluescreen when I was starting CoreTemp to monior my cpu.

Note this was 6 hours after I replaced the heatsink and played a massive amount of games on it.

I really don't want to go back and have them tell me something else is the problem so here are my blue screen dups. please help :(

My specs are
Amd fx 8120
Asus m5a97le r2.0
Ati radeon hd 7770 2gb
Patriot RAM 8gb 2x4gb
1tb WD HDD
Windows 8
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  1. Will it BSOD when NOT running core temp?
  2. I don't actually know, I got it back from the place I bought the parts from, and they changed the ram and it was fixed.

    Until now.
    I was running other things besides coretemp, I had youtube, teamspeak, and steam open, but im not sure that would make a difference.
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    I also exactly don't know. But when I run HW monitoring apps before, it will cause an error everytime I boot. It will prompt "press f1 to enter bios or f2 to continue" and it will say "new cpu or memory installed" Just try running it without coretemp, that might be the prob. I don't run any apps now, no problems since the other month. :)
  4. I'm hoping that was the only, and LAST bluescreen, but I think I should give it a month or so and come back for help later. Thanks a lot for the help :)
  5. Sure. I just monitor my "everything" in the bios.
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