which video card to play battlefield i3 4 in high or medium

with the i3 processor that can run battlefield 4
estoi asking a lot for this topic.
I have thought about what it's worth spending gtx760
to run it up i do not bottleneck occurs
the mui bit processor for gtx760?
I even i7 quisas ire to 1 year
that card run battlefield 4 in tall with i3
requirements are not even late April battlefield
but it is good to first ensure
soi not demanding as we will see garficos
sorry if voi versus mui esque theme boi asking much i do not give me a concrete answer I'll change processor even at 1 year I'll go to i7 entonses horn is only the i3. thanks for your time i if my equiboque apologize topic.
Sorry for the English too bad. Thanks ..
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  1. Best answer
    Hd 7850
  2. Marcopolo123 said:
    Hd 7850

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