How much difference between CL10 and CL9

16gb ram 1866mhz CL10
16gb ram 1866mhz CL9

How much difference would i notice when gaming if i were buy CL9 instead of CL10? (will have 4670k/gtx770)

plz dont mention anything like i should get 8gb, in that case, pretend its 8gb instead of 16gb
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    well first you should get 8 GB.......just kidding ;) You'll never hear that from me if YOU mention 16GB, I'd be likely to suggest's amazing what all you can do with DRAM....but...that's not the question, so upward and onward....I don't know what you do, but upfront, 1866 is good, as far as CL9 or CL10, if pertaining to gaming, you won't rally see the difference...just being honest...wher you might 'see' and/or 'feel' it would be if you do a decent amount of multi-tasking, having numerous windows open, using apps that are memory centric or working with large data sets like video, images, CAD, GIS that type of thing, running a RAMDisk or VMs (especially multiple VMs......that type of thing
  2. thank you that was very helpful
  3. No problem, glad it helped ;)
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