Trying to budget in an operating system by using installing Vista 32 bit to new build.

I'm Looking to build my first pc. I have everything picked out but am over budget when I include an operating system. I have an Old copy of Windows Vista 32Bit and Key Code. I'm looking to use a AMD fx6300 Cpu. If I build the PC will I be able to load the OS and be able to Play battlefield 3 on vista until I can afford Windows 8 or should I just wait until I can afford WIndows 8?
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    1) You can't reuse Vista from another computer, especially if it is OEM. You can if you bought it in the store and it isn't used on any other PC.
    2) Vista Mainstream (aka consumers like you and me) ENDED support on 4/10/2012 so your going to try to use NEW equipment with a unsupported OS (means the OS may not understand nor have drivers for the equipment).
    3) Why not simply get a off the shelf computer from for like $249 (you can even get a i5 Core for around $399) then just upgrade the PSU to support a higher end video card? You can shave costs, get the OS and all support, the mainboard, memory (about 8GB), HD (500GB+), DVD and warranty are all included in the base model.
  2. Must you really buy it?.. There are always alternatives. I would never pay 200+ eur for an OS.
  3. Veske said:
    Must you really buy it?.. There are always alternatives. I would never pay 200+ eur for an OS.

    Unless you are suggesting Linux piracy is not condoned here.

    As for the OP's question list your full build and we might be able to suggest ways to lower the cost of your build so you can fit the OS into it.
  4. Yes you MUST buy a OS, and we don't set the price (even in Euros), that is done by the manufacturer (Microsoft) and the distributing companies. That is why I made my suggestion to buypass the INDIVIDUAL cost of buying the OS, and instead buy a off-the-shelf model with the OS cost reduced due to the manufacturer (Dell, Gateway, etc.) bulk buying power, but also TIES the OS to THAT specific motherboard / model computer ONLY.
  5. Well if money is the problem here, I would buy as much of good hardware I can currently, put a Linux on it which is FREE! And wait till I have more funds to buy a Win 8 or whatever.

    No need to pick a worse computer just because of such a problem.

    But that's just my 2 cents.
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