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Hi, I'm not any kind of computer expert and so I'm not particularly sure about how dual-channel v single module works. I have read from a few places that motherboards can be dual-channel and single module as well as the RAM.

I was just wondering what would happen if you were to install an 8GB single module stick of RAM onto this motherboard when building a system.

I built a computer for my friend a while back and that's what I did. Would there possibly be any problems with the computer which might be caused by this or not?

(The RAM in question is this)
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    It's going to run in single channel which can be 10-15% slower than dual channel.....A stick of DRAM is considered a 64bit device by the system, when you fill 2 channels with an equal amount of DRAM the CPu sees it as a single 128bit device so it runs faster and processes data in larger chunks (though sadly not twice as fast as many think, it actually equates as previously mentioned to about 10-15%
  2. Okay, thanks for the answer. I thought I might've found the reason as to why he can't run most games in fullscreen and why when he updates his Nvidia drivers, his computer monitor no-signals but ah well, it was a shot in the dark :P
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