corsair 500r bottom front stock fan making clicking noise, any replacements?

So i was hearing a faint clicking noise in my case and it was driving me mad. It was coming from the middle so i thought it was my bottom fan in the center blowing air up but it wasn't. I checked all my fans and found out it was the bottom front stock fan. It only makes noise when on high, when it's low it's silent. Is there any replacements that will work with the fan controller or can i rma it? I have none and depend on the integrated one. I know the temp difference between high and low is at most 2°C but I'm a perfectionist and can't stand random ticking/knocking/whines/etc.
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  1. Having the same problem as of today actually. Would like an answer also.
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    I have just upgraded my Push/Pull CPU fans to Noctua NF-F12 Fans, (they are simply god-like in performance and silence). This made me discover that the only actual noise I am getting now is a faint clicking noise from the 2 front fans, and the rotation noise from the fans. So I am gonna try to see if I can fit two corsair AF Performance fans instead via the the Y-cable I got with the Noctua Fans, and see if I can eliminate the noise, and this way I will also be able to control their speed with the ASUS AI III suite.
  3. I just finish my build with 500r and also was hearing a really irritating clicking noise, come to find out it was my side fan. But i dont hear anything when i just turn the fan speed to the lowest.....
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