MOBO on board sound is not working!!!

The built n sound on my ASRock 970 extreme 4 is not working. I have checked device settings, changed bios settings, tried multiple ports with multiple speakers. When I play something that has sound, I can go into audio control and see the sound spikes but can't hear it. Could there be any problem where anything is interfering with the motherboard and messing the sound up? Everything else works great besides the computer doesn't boot when the wireless USB adapter is plugged in. Should I just buy a new sound card?
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    From what it sounds like you could have a deficient integrated sound card on your motherboard. How long have you had the board as you can send it back and get a replacement. If you aren't really that bothered then you could get a sound card, but (Personally) if you are still under warranty on your board then I would send it back and get a new one as it a good feature.

    I know it sounds silly and you have probably already done it but have you tried putting the speaker Jack into another audio port. If so then have you tried listening through the front panel audio jack of your case, assuming you have one.

  2. Well, I didn't feel like messing with trying to replace the motherboard, so I just bought a $30 card at Bestbuy instead. It works fine but my front pane ports will not work, not a big deal to me personally.
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