should i get a monitor with a 144hz or monitor with2560x1600

theres 2 types of monitor that are good and i wanna get but not sure which like

theres a monitor that has 60hz with 2560x1600

and the other has 144hz with 1920x1080

which one should i get there both almost the same price im not sure which i should get?
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  1. 144hz for me. for gaming, you will definitely tell the difference, especially if you have a decent nvidia gpu with lightboost.
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    You must be kidding. I have a Dell 30U14. That's 30 inches of LED backlit 2560X1600 pure pleasure. You simply cannot give it up. So much better than a little screen that needs just as much GPU power to make it just a hint smoother to some people. The large screen is sooooo much better. I see no ghosting etc.
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